From Darkness into Light

From Darkness into Light
From Darkness into Light by Dall'ombra Alla Luce courtesy of WikimediaCommons

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"The Big, Bad Wolf" Published

My short story "The Big, Bad Wolf" has been published today at Enchanted Conversation.

This story went full circle. I wrote this for a Little Red Riding Hood theme call at Enchanted Conversation but, computers being computers, my story somehow failed to arrive during the two-day submission period. EC went on with other themed calls and then closed for a time to restructure. When the magazine re-opened, without specific themes this time, my story was subbed elsewhere. The stars finally realigned in February this year, I resubmitted to EC, and the story was picked as one of the two monthly winners. It's gratifying to see it published in the magazine for which it was originally written.

Fairy tales, tales of the faerie, and mythology are all special interests of mine and I'm delighted to  be published in Enchanted Conversation for the first time. Kudos to editor, Kate Wolford, for keeping fairy tales alive and promoting the tradition to her students and readers.