From Darkness into Light

From Darkness into Light
From Darkness into Light by Dall'ombra Alla Luce courtesy of WikimediaCommons

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Sale!

My flash fiction story"Greener Grass" was just accepted at Golden Visions Magazine .
The story started out as a submission for an anthology on Moccus, possibly a Celtic deity, with only one known reference to him in an ancient inscription found near Langres, France. He was thought to be a psycopomp, one who leads the dead to their afterlife, and to take the form of a boar. When I had the story partially written, I realized the guidelines mandated that the story take place in the future and I had written a traditional fantasy piece. I decided to leave it as I had it and submit it elsewhere. This is the first time I have submitted to Golden Visions and the editor replied the same day with the acceptance. Wow. Best (positive) response time I've had on anything! The story will be published in the January 2011 issue.